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Publication category : Educational
ISBN : 9781905331581
Edition date : 01-06-2009
Edition no. : 1
Publisher : Witherbys
Publication code : W-195
Author : witherby
Contents :

Details :

These 3 volumes (of ~250pp ea) that make up “Nav Basics” have been designed for the junior officer undertaking study. Written by a Senior Navigational lecturer, these books provide lots of worked examples and exercises on key areas of the Navigational Syllabus. Written in plain and easy English, the books contain many pages of diagrams, worked examples and exercises. Where information is formally part of the syllabus, this is held in sections at the rear of each volume, providing a useful start to the additional reading that it is recommended all junior officers undertake. The three volumes have been split in a logical manner, bringing together items that are usually taught in tandem and ensuring that the order flows in a logical manner.


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